Sunday, February 1, 2009

Istanbul Photos

Istanbul is a bustling city with street vendors everywhere,
people running by with giant loads on their backs,
and seemingly endless markets where you can get lost for days.
It's worth the trip just to visit the famous Spice Bazaar.

I feel lucky to have made it there in my life. Enjoy.

Fresh Chiles at the Spice Bazaar

This guy would scurry into a crowd, set up his stand and sell half his stack in about two minutes.


Haggling at the Spice Bazaar

Where the Spice Bazaar gets its name.

Doner vendor

Gotta love a market where you see offal just glistening in the sun!

In Italian, corn is referred to as Granturco, or "Turkish Grain", because it was first introduced to the Italians via Turkish trade routes. Istanbul was and still is a world crossroads, serving as a gateway between Asia and Europe.

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